Liquid Roof Coating Systems

Spray Clad UK can help you to waterproof and extend the life of your roof with our liquid coating system. Whether your building is new or old it could benefit from our specialist treatment.

We use the latest, most innovative and intelligent technologies to deliver the best possible results.

The liquid roof system we provide cures to form a rubber-like elastomeric waterproof membrane, it is very flexible and is capable of stretching and then returning to its original shape without damaging the surface or your roof. We then use bespoke treatments consisting of glass and reinforced plastic to give the surface extra strength and durability. Liquid roofing can be applied over most traditional roofing materials, including felt, asphalt, bitumen, and concrete. Contact us to find out more and see if your roof is suitable for a treatment.

Liquid roofing systems provide a modern and safer way to protect your building from wear and tear.


  • Can be used on Flat, Pitched or Domed Roofs
  • No hot works required meaning it's extremely safe
  • Easily and quickly applied
  • Cost Effective – up to 70% Less Expensive than traditional roofing protection and repairs
  • High Performance
  • Can provide up to 25 years performance