At Spray Clad we are specialist Giromax contractors and we have access to a wide range of specialist Giromax products. A widely known organisation within this industry, providing the highest quality products and treatments to help protect against UV exposure and corrosion for industrialised/commercial buildings.

We have a long standing relationship with this highly reputable brand and we have worked with them providing our customers with the highest level of service.

The quality of this product is there for all to see and is commonly used throughout the industry.

There are two main products available for use:

  • Giromax DELCOTE

Both of which are extremely similar, however target different areas.


DELCOTE HPG is an elastomeric membrane, perfectly suitable for application to weatherproof coatings and gutter surfaces. It’s flexible and its elastic make up ensures that it is unaffected by UV exposure or extreme weather conditions.


A silicone coating which is designed for re-coating roofing and cladding materials. This is an ideal product for anyone looking to fully maximise your building’s exterior.  There are many benefits to this product, one being it will prevent against any corrosion to either the building/roofing, which pro-longs and increases its durability.