Cut Edge Corrosion Treatments

Cut Edge Corrosion is a common problem with many roofs. Where the edges of the sheets overlap and the exposed sheet ends will start to corrode over time. This corrosion can spread and lead to a large repair bill if not taken care of.

Spray Clad offer full cut edge corrosion treatments to the cut edges of pre-finished metal roof sheets.

We treat the corroded areas by taking the areas back to metal and then encapsulating the surfaces, this can be done as part of a complete roof system coating or as a stand alone treatment. The system we recommend will depend on your roof type and it's state of corrosion or damage.

The harsh weather conditions of the UK make this a common problem but one that we can easily and effectively solve and our protection systems can make sure it doesn't happen again for many years.


  • One of our roofing technicians will assess the damage and discuss with you the best course of action.
  • We will then prepare the surface, ready for the treatment.
  • We may then have to clean certain areas of the roof and remove any debris that may have accumulated there.
  • After we have done this, we will then overlap any mid-sheets, ensuring that they are kept up the highest standard.
  • Finally, we will then advise that our cladding coating is applied, this will enhance the appearance and ensure the repairs have a long life.