Colour Matching Services

We have our own colour technicians who are able to provide excellent colour matching services which allows us to match any colour that is required for us to complete a project or task. Our paint technicians are very reliable and provide colour matching services to all colours. This has proven to be extremely valuable to our customers who need to meet tight deadlines, budgets and availability.

Our Colour Matching Services include:

Our paint technicians are trained to the highest degree to ensure all our colours 100% matched. As well as our own paint mixing process we can guarantee a match to any colour needed to complete a project or task.

We use a wide variety of paints and finishes which allows us to always give the customer their desired effect and colour. These include:

XL Forte: This is a world class product that provides a protective PVC Coatings, with a leather grain effect that is available in a range of colours and provides a barrier against the elements.

Spectrum: A Product that is smooth polyurethane coatings with a beautiful finish and guaranteed performance in a variety of environments.

PVC/TPE: A top performing polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) single- ply membranes specifically created for roof applications and fabrications.

Solid Colours: These colours are always good when wanting to achieve a widespread appearance without special effects needed.

Spectra and Sparkling: This particular type of paint was inspired from the vibrant colours found in nature. Using special colour pigments, a range of colour gradient gloss and depth gives you an enchanting colour effect. Form the different viewing angles you can see the highlights and interesting colour gradients that make these colours so unique.

Metallic Colours: A variety of lighting and viewing angles point out the typical metallic gloss of these colours.